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Current Courses

Psych 101: Introduction to Developmental Psychology

This is an undergraduate-level introduction to developmental psychology covering a variety of topics, including prenatal, cognitive, and social development.

Psych 110: Junior Honors Seminar

This is a required class for the Psychology Honors Program. UCSD professors from many different areas of psychology discuss their research with students.

Psych 194a, 194b, and 194c: Honors Thesis

This is a required series of classes for the Psychology Honors Program. Students take part in a weekly research seminar in the fall and carry out a three-quarter research project under the supervision of a faculty member. This project forms the basis of the Senior Honors Thesis.

Psych 213: Professional Procedures and Survival in Psychology

This graduate-level course, co-taught with Mark Appelbaum, covers basic issues associated with a career in psychology. We will address topics such as getting and keeping a job, dealing with journal editors, and writing a successful grant application. We will also discuss professional ethics in relation to each topic.

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